The Side Effects of Chronic Pain Nobody talks about


A Scottish Journey with Chronic pain

It’s normal to talk about the side effects that everyone can see, but what about the side effects that aren’t seen. The ones nobody dare ask because they are afraid of the answer (and then wish they hadn’t asked the question).

Chronic Pain is an invisible illness and this means hidden side effects.

Firstly, and sometimes obviously, is weight gain and loss. I’ve not met or spoken to one person with a chronic illness who’s happy with their weight. Let’s face it none of us really are happy with our weight, but having all these medications just to be able to survive one day takes a toll on your weight. Be it steroids, nerve pain drugs or even opioids, prolonged use has a big effect. But because of our illness’ exercise barely exists, because let’s face it, if you can get or out of bed one morning you’ve basically…

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7 Reasons to Use Young Living Oils —

This is information that should be in the hands of any new parent or those who care for children. The number one choice you can make when creating a Natural Nursery for little ones is to eliminate the use of any product with artificial fragrance, especially if you are pregnant or nursing. Information on […]

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Faking it??

Fibro Ramblings


I am always amazed by the amount of people out there that automatically assume that Fibromyalgia patients are faking it.  It’s quite absurd to assume that a healthy, happy and successful person would just decide one day to fake an awful, unknown and very misunderstood disorder.  The logic of the assumption eludes me.  Ignorance is rife!

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